Founded by husband and wife team Jeff and Kat Mathena, TUV was born out of their desire to see singers find restoration and freedom in their voices. Over the years, Jeff Mathena has had the privilege of training incredible artists, worship leaders and aspiring singers around the world. And while every voice is unique, most of them have one thing in common – they’re hindered in some way; yes even the great ones. Technical, emotional and physical hindrances prevent most of us from having the voices we desire. 

“TUV is designed to be a resource and a training ground – to help you grow, refine your craft, and ultimately, to sing like you were meant to.”

- Jeff Mathena

So whether you’re an artist who constantly loses your voice from the stress of being on tour, a worship leader who avoids leading certain songs you love because they’re out of your range, or a singer who has simply resigned to being unsatisfied with parts of your voice, TUV was created for you. Like learning to shoot a basketball, the voice is a muscle that can be trained. Through private vocal lessons (in the Nashville studio and around the world via Skype), master classes and workshops, we provide a training ground for you to gain the necessary tools to break through struggles and begin experiencing true vocal freedom. 

Our next big dream is to make this training available and affordable to as many singers as possible – enter TUV Online! This new platform will have over 16 hours of streaming vocal training and additional downloadable content, with more being added all the time. This is a BIG dream and thanks to 109 really awesome folks, it's coming true! TUV Online will be released in Summer 2017.