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Vocal Training For Your Entire Team

Customizable training solutions, designed to fit every budget. Equip your team to thrive. Empower your congregation to roar.

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Private Sessions

Allow every member of your team to benefit from the event.

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Group Classes

Invest most heavily in the team members you rely on the most.

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Online Resources

Apply what's been learned in 1-on-1 sessions to a live setting.

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Chris Brown
Elevation Worship

"We have seen a noticeable shift in the quality of our team's vocals since we started working with Jeff."

How Can You Provide World-Class Vocal Training to Your Entire Team, While Staying Within Your Budget?

The Unhindered Voice provides creative solutions that are customizable to every church size and budget, whether your team has two singers, or twenty. 

Membership to Vocal Masters for your entire team, including singers that are still developing into dependable worship leaders. 

On-Site Private Workshops that provide individual and group training for your entire team. 

Public workshops that provide community training for churches within a specific region, as well as the opportunity to book individual sessions as desired. 

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Curious About Private Workshops? 
Here's What to Expect:

Private Team Workshops are typically 2-3 days long. Jeff will travel to your location and conduct various types of training sessions–including 1-on-1 Lessons, Group Master Classes, and On-Stage Workshops. Training days are intensive and are designed to launch your team into a new season of biblical excellence and stewardship. 

At the conclusion of the workshop, your team will feel inspired by the growth they've experienced and encouraged by the tools they've been given. To help them on their journey, each workshop includes one year of access to Vocal Masters for your entire team. 

Private Workshops begin at $2100.

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Year-Round Learning with Vocal Masters

Vocal Masters provides effective training resources for individuals, within a communal experience. Purchase an annual plan for your team and get a major discount on this one-of-a-kind resource. 

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Don't Have the Budget for an On-Site Workshop? Still Want In-Person Training?

I conduct workshops across the United States. And you can provide access to these private events for your team.

Attendees also have the opportunity to book 1-on-1 sessions with me, following the event. Meaning, you can provide group and 1-on-1 training sessions for your entire team at a fraction of the cost of a private workshop.  

Annual training packages begin at $600.

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What Kind of Impact Will a Workshop Have on Your Team Members? 

Listen to what other artists and worship leaders have had to say about working with Jeff.

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Worship Team Training Won't Just Help Your Team. It Will Also Change The Way Your Congregation Sings.

Yes, picking the right songs and keys is important. But it's not nearly as important has having a confident leader at the microphone. 

Ever wonder why some worship leaders sing notes that are in the rafters, and yet, the congregation still sings their guts out? 

A good worship leader gives congregants confidence. And imparting confidence is impossible if you don't have it yourself. 

Worship Team Training is about more than making you a better singer. It's about becoming the leader that your church needs you to be. 

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Phil Wickham
Award-Winning Recording Artist

"Jeff has given me really practical, simple ways to improve my voice, to heal it, to train it, and get it back to a place where it feels comfortable to sing again."

What is the cost of team training? 

The cost of training will depend on the number of singers for which you are providing training and the level of access you wish to provide.

Private workshops begin at $2100, plus the cost of travel.

Group access to Vocal Masters begins at $600.

Group access to Public Workshops is available as an add-on to any training package.


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