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Fast Track Your Next Breakthrough with 1-on-1 Coaching

Nothing will help you expedite your growth as a singer like private coaching with The Unhindered Voice.

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What Makes Sessions With The Unhindered Voice Different?

There are two words that should make you want to take a 1-on-1 session at my studio: 

"Breakthrough. Now." 

Taking private lessons with The Unhindered Voice ensures that you will experience your next breakthrough with your voice as quickly as humanly possible.

It also ensures that you won't waste any more time or money searching for answers to your vocal struggles. There is simply nothing faster or more effective than private vocal coaching at The Unhindered Voice. 

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Private Coaching is All About Getting Results and Getting Them Now.

Discover how Jeff's coaching has helped singers just like you experience breakthrough.
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I had almost given up on my voice.

Before I was the vocal coach to artists like Kari Jobe, For King & Country, and Elevation Worship. Before I had launched a top-rated podcast. Before I had launched a thriving online community of singers.

There was a long road of trial and frustration. And it led me to experience a true sense of joy in singing.

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Phil Wickham

Phil Wickham

Gold Recording Artist

"Jeff has given me really practical, simple ways to improve my voice–to heal it, to train it, and get it back to a place where it feels comfortable to sing again."

Ava Davis

Ava Davis

Trans Siberian Orchestra

“There truly is no one like Jeff Mathena. He coaches the voice and the soul. Every time, he pushes me past my limits." 

Joel Smallbone

Joel Smallbone

For King & Country

"Jeff has allowed me to really step on stage and sing with a new freedom, new vigor and new excitement.”

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How Much Does Private Training Cost?

One of my mentors used to say, "The most expensive lesson you'll ever take is the one that doesn't work. 

In other words, the true cost of training is determined by the amount of time and money it takes to achieve your goals for your voice. There is not a singer I work with that isn't mindful of how much they are spending each time they book a session. And the reason nearly 100% of my students come back is because they routinely experience more growth in a single session than in any single hour of their lives up to that point. 

The reality is that my hourly rate is higher than most coaches. But my commitment to every one of my students is that they will spend less money overall to accomplish their goals than they would studying with anyone else. 

Still, not everyone can afford 1-on-1 coaching, even if they believe in its value. That is why I've created resources that allow individuals to receive proper training, even if they are on a tight budget. 

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What To Expect From Your First Session With The Unhindered Voice? 

Your deepest fear goes something like this: 
  1. You show up to your first lesson.
  2. You're instructed to sing something a capella.
  3. You get ripped to shreds by some Simon Cowell wannabe.
Nothing could be further from what your first session with us will be like. 

Sessions last about an hour. The first 10 minutes or so will be spent getting to know you and hearing your story. We'll offer you tea and explain our process in detail. 

Then, the first thing we typically do is have you hum a 5-tone scale. That's really all we need to begin diagnosing your vocal issues. From there, we will construct a vocal "workout," designed to make singing easier and more intuitive. 

In many cases, we don't do any real "singing" in your first session. Instead, we will spend most of our time doing exercises that align your voice more closely with its natural design. Even accomplished singers typically have pretty big gaps in their technical approach. And fast tracking your progress requires addressing those issues before we do anything else. 

Expect to walk away from your first session with a wealth of new knowledge and a voice that feels more capable than it was when you walked in. 

We recommend that everyone record their session on their phone, so they can use it to replicate their workout and process more deeply everything that is taught during our time (sort of like filming a personal training session). 

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