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World-class vocal training, tailored to your individual needs, 
so you can achieve results faster. 

"Jeff really taught me to sing without fear, without
worry and without straining my vocals."

- Moriah Peters, Lead Singer of TRALA & Gold Recording Artist

Increase Your Range

Jeff's proven methods are guaranteed to add notes to your range you never even thought were possible.

Improve Your Tone

Learn the secrets of how the best singers in the world are continually refining their craft and improving their voices.

Decrease Fatigue

Increase your stamina and power at the same time, so you can be confident that your voice will always be ready.

You need a custom warm-up

A good warm-up is every singer’s most important tool. You wouldn’t sprint in a race without warming up your legs, so why sing without warming up your vocal cords?

I’ll tell you why….because most warm-ups actually do more harm than good! They either wear your voice out prematurely or they fail to help you sing the way you really want.



This happens for 2 reasons

First, there are far more ineffective exercises out there than there are effective ones. 

Second, most coaches are simply following a script when they teach, employing a one-size-fits-all approach that fails to adjust as to the unique needs of individual singers. 

During our 50-minute lesson, we'll spend the first half tailoring a warm-up to meet the unique needs of your voice, using only exercises that are proven to help your voice function the way it was designed.

Then, we'll spend the second half getting deeper into the development process–working on practical application and expanding your workout in order to achieve maximum results.



Think of me as your voice's personal trainer

And just like the rest of your body, your voice responds positively to continually changing workouts. Commit to weekly sessions and you are virtually guaranteeing vocal growth!

"“I've taken vocal lessons since I was six years old. [But] I had finally come to a point with my voice where i was ready to take that next step into something new and different - into uncharted territory. And that’s exactly where Jeff took me. Not just vocally but mentally. [Jeff] really taught me to sing without fear, without worry and without straining my vocals. I have continued to put those principles into practice…and have seen some really incredible results.”"

Moriah Peters
Lead Singer of TRALA & Gold Recording Artist

""It's hard to even put into words how helpful working with Jeff Mathena has been. I've been singing since I was a kid, but have never understood or controlled my voice better than I have since I started with Jeff. He isn't just a broad instructor, he's very personalized. He knows how to stretch and grow me individually. The way he's taught me to prepare, warm up, breathe... has taken my singing to another level. I'm not constantly strained anymore, and I'm not losing my voice after a long weekend of singing. Jeff is fantastic and I highly recommend anyone who's serious about singing take lessons from him!""

Mack Brock
Worship Leader & Recording Artist

"“Over the past few years there have definitely been some times where my voice felt like it was at the end of its rope. I’ve called up Jeff and he’s coached me through those moments and given me really practical, simple ways to improve my voice, to heal it, to train it, and get it back to a place where it feels comfortable to sing again. I’ve been so thankful for him in those moments to get me back to my best.”"

Phil Wickham
Gold Recording Artist

"“I'm a bit jaded when it comes to singers but my jaw fell to the floor when I heard Jeff sing because there was such freedom, such beauty, such innocence and honesty to his voice....[Jeff] has given me a new understanding of my voice in relation to singing, and how my emotional state ties into my voice…[He] has allowed me to really step on stage in many ways and sing with a new freedom, new vigor and new excitement.”"

Joel Smallbone
Lead Singer of For King and Country, Grammy and Dove Award Winners

"“Jeff has become not only a friend to me but also someone who I’ve been able to trust with two of the most precious things in the world to me - my voice and my songs….that are battle tested from my own heart. It is such a reassurance that I can trust someone like Jeff to help me deliver those things with a voice that is unhindered and actually has something to say behind it.”"

Micah Tyler
Worship leader & songwriter, Top 10 Recording Artist

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