Jeff Mathena

If you’re like me, you love to sing. You’re searching for a way to be better at it and you’re determined to succeed. You’re passionate about your craft and willing to do whatever it takes to refine it. 

But something keeps getting in the way: you can’t seem to find training that actually provides the answers you’re looking for. 

Do you feel like you are are not singing at your full potential? 

Do you fear you won’t be able to meet the demands of the songs you want to sing? 

Do you worry that the voice you have today is the best voice you’ll ever have?  

If so, you’re not alone. All of us have felt this way, and we all are determined to find a solution. 


But there's something holding you back, isn't there?

I know what it feels like to be in over your head–to be asked to perform in ways that your voice may not be ready for–to still be preparing for the song you are currently singing....

Ironically, what makes it even more difficult is when others don't understand why it's so important to you to improve, especially if you already have a good voice.  

Many of you have even sought out voice teachers and have been left feeling like it was your fault that you couldn't improve. I can assure, nothing could be further from the truth. 


I've been there, too...

For years, I, too, struggled to find the kind of voice I felt I was meant to have. Even when others would have said I was singing well, I was struggling to maintain confidence in my own ability.  

Having overcome a myriad of vocal struggles myself, and having trained singers all over the world to do the same, I have found that the answer I was once looking for is simple: it’s discipline. 

But not just any discipline. In order to improve your voice, you have to train it the right way and you have to do it consistently. 

Can I help you do the same?

My mission is to give you the encouragement and clarity you need to press on toward your goals for your voice. From practical tools for furthering your personal growth, to strategies for developing the voices of those around you, my goal is to empower you to pursue the voice that God intended you to have. 

That's why I've offered a number of resources to help you develop your voice, including a podcast, an ebook, an online course, 1-on-1 lessons, private workshops, and public classes. 


Here are some resources I offer for helping you achieve
Freedom & Authority with your voice...


The Singer's Survival Guide ebook

Learn the elements of an effective routine with this free ebook, so you can confidently pursue the voice you were always meant to have.

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